Regd. No: 25114/060

KMC Regd.No.: 1748

(Group of Engineers, Planners, Architects, Designers, Valuators, IT Professionals, Members)








International Engineers' Group Pvt. Ltd (IEG), a non-profit professional organization, was founded by a group of young enthusiastic engineers in 2003 with a noble aim of developing engineering professionals to promote the development process by application of engineering sciences and technologies and at the same time increasing the interaction, goodwill and cooperation among engineers in Nepal and protect their professional rights. Today IEG represents many engineers of nation and abroad. IEG during 2003-2005 was successful in establishing this very organization. The organizing of the World Engineering Congress along with first national convention was major milestones in this period.

IEG during 2003-2004 was successful in membership drive. Similarly the organizing of the interaction program among the four  Ps (Press, Public, Professional and Politician) was a major step achieved by NEA in promoting the profession and in improving the image of its fellow members. IEG was successful in expansion of in and out-country IEG centers, conversion of existing ones to Regional Centers as well as establishment of an international wing, IEG Qatar center during the last decade.

During the past decade, IEG broadened its activities by expanding its relation with international Engineering societies. IEG became member of World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) and was successful to establish Federation of Engineering Institute of South and Central Asia (FEISCA). During the past decade, IEG has been successful in construction of its own building at Nayabazar.

In the recent past, IEG has successfully promoted the enactment of Nepal Engineering Council Act and very soon the recommendations will be made for abroad case also. Today IEG has prepared a draft five-year strategy plan, which aims at upgrading current membership to internationally recognized standards. In this connection, a study on strengthening IEG is currently underway with support of Institution of Engineers, USA and USAID.

Building Design & Construction Supervision


Land Development; Housing; Landscape planning; Construction Supervision & Infrastructure Development


Property Valuation & Feasibility Study; Report Preparation with Financial Evaluation


Survey Design and Construction; Supervision of Roads;Drainages;
    Bridges & Buildings

Hydropower Design (Micro) Survey; Project Preparation & Presentation



Interior Design & Decoration


Landscape Design ; Vaastu Consultant & Rural ; Urban Infrastructure Development Services


Corporate Office : Naxal, Nagpokhari, KMC-1
Tel: 4445423,  4432416
P.O.Box : 24767, Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact Person: Er. Ganesh Bdr. Roka Chhetri
Engg. Council No. 3391, Mobile No: 98510-65332